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Vehicle Vinyl Wraps are a vinyl wrap that covers your entire vehicle. From color changes to graphic design the options are endless. You can wrap your car, truck, commercial van, commercial trailer or even your motorcycle!  Our design team and wrap crew always to take care to fully measure the car so there are no size surprises when completing the job. Depending on the extent of your graphics and how big the car is will make a difference on the price of the full wrap. We print our vinyl in house and use only the best ink that is made to last in outdoor weather conditions and not fade underneath the sun’s glare. Call us today at Chicago Auto Wrap if you have a question about a full wrap for your vehicle.

Our Reputation Says It All

People have been using their choice of transportation to advertise for decades. With a shout out to Mr. Hershey who was the first to paint his logo on his vehicle in the 1900’s! He had to use paint of course which I’m sure he had to reapply several times! Time’s have advanced mobile advertising and brought us vinyl wrap. When vinyl wrap first appeared, it was more expensive and only booming large companies could begin to afford. 

Today’s printing technology has now made it possible for even the small companies to get their vehicle’s decked out with long lasting auto wrap. Car Wrap Chicago has a crew of highly trained designers and technicians who are experienced professionals. We take into perspective every detail of you vehicle from compound curves to your paint’s texture as we create your logo or graphic design for your vehicle. Then we measure and take pictures before we take it to our computer to put together a spoof of your design. Our inhouse printers are only the best and we use high quality ink that is very durable to the outdoor conditions and we print it out in panels to ensure our design is accurate. 

We always make sure your vehicle surface is free of dirt or particles that could keep the wrap of adhering properly. Installation of vinyl wrap usually takes from 1-3 days depending on how big your car is or how complicated the graphics are. It is always recommended to let the vehicle sit for at least a day to ensure the wrap is secure before your start rolling our windows down and opening the doors! 

We guarantee that this wrap can last you years and bring value to your business. But don’t just think vinyl wrap is limited to businesses users only! Your sports car or family ride could always use an update! We can do high gloss to matte finishes and change your vehicle’s look completely and make it feel like your just bought a new ride! Any type of transportation is possible to wrap from boats, motorcycles and ATV’s. Call us today and bring your car in for an estimate!

Our Services

Van Wraps

Get your brand the attention it deserves. From spreading the word while on the road, to building trust and credibility with your clients, our vehicle wraps quickly pay for themselves.

Bus Wraps

Nothing makes a statement like a giant billboard moving down the interstate. You know your product is the next big thing, why not tell the world about it?

Car Wraps

Turn heads in your new pride and joy, while protecting it from the elements simultaneously! Our wraps come with a factory warranty of 10 years, and ask about our shop warranty. Varies from project to project.

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