Car Wrap Services in Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Auto Wrap offers the most comprehensive list of Car Wrap Services. And we don’t just do vehicle wraps! Customers are delighted to learn that we can help them brand their entire business, inside and out! We can also help you maintain all the safety requirements that dictate certain of businesses. For all your advertising and safety needs, Philadelphia Auto Wrap is your best choice for it all!

All our services follow the same general process as outlined above, adjusted, of course, to individual job requirements. We make sure that our customers have input every step of the way, from picking out the design to the way that your cut vinyl product is applied, no matter what type of surface your new vinyl decals are being applied to.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate our Car Wrap Services into your business:

Transport Fleets

Of course, what most people think of when you say auto wrap is cars and trucks. These vehicles certainly make up a large majority of our business, along with other types of motor vehicles. When you have a company car or an entire fleet of them, call us for professional, unique designs and installation of auto wraps and graphics! We can quickly and easily install your auto wrap on any of the following passenger vehicles:

 o Cars

 o Trucks

o Vans, including delivery-type vans and Sprinter vans

 o Buses

Race cars are easily customized with Philadelphia Car Wrap Services. Another use for our vinyl wraps is customizing your antique or high-end vehicle. You may not be willing to get a custom paint job for your valuable relic, but you’d like to play around with colors, patters, finishes, and graphics. Our products are perfect for this purpose since they are non-damaging and completely temporary!

You can see how a decision will look up close and in person before committing to it. See how your classic truck would look painted cherry red, or give your antique car a distinct stripe, or make it matte, just for fun!

We can also apply high-quality, eye-catching auto wraps to industrial vehicles. Use your semi-truck or cylindrical tanker to advertise your business and let people know you’re out there working hard for them every day! You can use your transportation fleet to advertise your own business, or you can offer space on your vehicles for others to advertise!

o Tractor Trailers

 o Tanker Trucks

 o Trains

o Maintenance Vehicles like roadwork crews, land surveyors, and utility vehicles

Another advantage of custom wraps is that your vehicles will be easily identifiable, and you’ll ensure that your drivers are adhering to your policies at all times. If you want to promote your drivers safe practices, there’s no better way than a custom auto wrap to get attention and show off your impeccable safety standards.

Our Reputation Says It All

Our wide range of project experience ensures that we deliver the highest level of quality on your ride, while keeping our prices affordable. Don’t waste time with fly-by-night wrap shops.  We stand behind all our work. – Philadelphia Auto Wrap

Van Wraps

Get your brand the attention it deserves. From spreading the word while on the road, to building trust and credibility with your clients, our vehicle wraps quickly pay for themselves.

Bus Wraps

Nothing makes a statement like a giant billboard moving down the interstate. You know your product is the next big thing, why not tell the world about it?

Car Wraps

Turn heads in your new pride and joy, while protecting it from the elements simultaneously! Our wraps come with a factory warranty of 10 years, and ask about our shop warranty. Varies from project to project.

The #1 Car Wrap Shop in Philadelphia!

What Is Auto Wrap?

Vehicle Safety
In addition to making your cars, trucks, and vans look good, we can make them safe, too! We have full knowledge of all the necessary safety markings and reflectors that are required for construction crews, road crews, and large on-road vehicles, so you’ll never be caught without the necessary elements on your work vehicle.

Philadelphia Auto Wrap offers reflective materials and a full range of colored vinyl so that if you need a specific color, we can do a pan tone match to get it exactly right! We can also help you if decals or information on your vehicle must be placed precisely or have exact dimensions. We͛ll do everything it takes to help you meet all safety standards and requirements so you can get back to work!

Philadelphia Auto Wrap uses several different materials, depending on the job we͛re doing, including engineering-grade products for vehicle safety purposes so that your work vehicles meet all safety standards. You tell us the type of vehicle you have and the purpose it serves, and we͛ll help you meet all the necessary rules and guidelines for your line of work. Let us help you out with all vehicle safety measures!

For a look that will really turn heads, consider matching up your truck with your trailer and boat in a fully matching wrap kit package! Philadelphia Auto Wrap experts can help you design a bumper-to-bumper package that will make your entire rig stand out from the crowd. For serious fishermen and water-sports competitors, this is a very popular option. Nothing will make you look like a pro faster than auto wraps for your watercraft and towing equipment!

o Boats, including speedboats, fishing boats, and yachts
o Jet Skis and Sea-Doos
o Trailers

We have specific products that are used for each type of job, and watercraft are no exception. In
addition, we make sure that our boat wraps are applied perfectly so that you won͛t see them peeling or bubbling due to the impact of water or because they’ve spent a lot of time on the open water.


Auto wraps are good for a lot more than, well…autos. Philadelphia Auto Wrap can also design signage for your business, including all of the following purposes. When you coordinate your signage within your business with your fleet, business cards, and apparel, you enforce your brand and give your business the most professional look possible. We can help you with any or all of these tasks!
 o Business Signs, such as those for banks, churches, and restaurants
o Custom Billboards
o Interior Signs
o Floor and Wall Graphics

Our interior signs, wall, and floor graphics are eye-catching and absolutely stunning when they are
designed correctly. We have pros who can help you choose the right graphic and place it properly so you get the biggest bang for your buck. You can adhere your logo or action photos to the walls to give your business a customized interior without hanging pictures or painting a mural.

Philadelphia Auto Wrap offers several options for your business that will give you flexibility in the future.

Vinyl graphics aren’t permanent, so you will have the freedom to change them in the future without
having to repair the surfaces they were attached to because they won’t peel off Sheetrock or leave
behind a sticky residue on any surface.

Customers are usually interested in the value of auto wraps. In other words, they want to know how long the wrap will last so they can decide if the price is a worthwhile investment for their company. We can tell you from years of experience that vehicle wrapping is an excellent advertising tool and one of the only ones that you alone are in control of. We a little help from Philadelphia Auto Wrap, you can design products that are economical and effective.

Solid color wraps last about 10 years, making them a very good choice if your vehicles are reliable and will be used for a long time. Solid color auto wraps are meant to help a vehicle look as good on the outside as they perform under the hood! You can change the color of your fleet or just reapply the same color to keep it looking good as new.

Full color auto wraps are a better choice if you want to keep your brand fresh. These wraps last about 5 years, giving you the freedom to switch things up whenever your brand needs an update. They are fully customizable and, therefore, usually more expensive than solid color wraps. However, the impact that a full color, fully customized auto wrap can make on your business’s fleet is undeniable!

Consult us about the life expectancy of wraps and graphics applied to other products. Obviously, interior signage will last much longer as long as it isn’t exposed to constant, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Likewise, watercraft applications may not last quite as long if they are constantly submerged or exposed to the elements. Your Philadelphia Auto Wrap team can give you these details before you commit to a long-term solution.

Philadelphia Auto Wrap pros have access to the newest products and knowledge of the latest trends, so you will have your choice of the coolest, most modern looks on the market. Choose from new metallic, reflective and translucent films from industry-leading suppliers. Philadelphia Auto Wrap can use these cutting-edge products to produce an auto wrap with a satin, metallic, or matte finish that will really set you apart from other businesses.

We also offer a wide range of products attainable for every budget, so your one-man electrician
business can look just as good as a nationally-known business! No matter what you’re looking for, we assure you that you’ll find it at Philadelphia Auto Wrap!

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